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Galaxy Side Quest: Oscars 2018 and Cheap Red Wine

February 13, 2018

In this special Galaxy Side Quest the crew of By Grabthar's Hammer What A Podcast sits down with a bottle of Target's finest bottle of red wine to chat about the 2018 Academy Award nominees. We're also discussing a few favorite movies from the past year that were inexplicably not nominated for any awards. What -- no love for Baywatch OR Mother!?!?

Note: this is the 90th consecutive Academy Awards in which Tim Allen is NOT nominated in any category.

And please welcome our returning special guest Mariel Bayona, a San Francisco-based artist and fellow Galaxy Quest fan! Check out Mariel Bayona's work at and follow her on Instagram at

For an even more in-depth conversation about Dunkirk, be sure to check out Austin and Alex as guests on a recent episode of The Chalkboard Podcast via iTunes or Stitcher!

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